Lofty ideas #2

In a previous blog, like, a million years ago, I covered our construction of a loft in our jam spot. Well, since then, we’ve moved spots and were able to move the loft with us. That’s all fine and dandy, but after our group of hooded menaces were given some awesome guitars as part of our endorsement of ESP, we found our loft was not a convenient space for the mass of cases we’d acquired over the years. Hence, the addition of the guitar loft.


Now we have a convenient place to reach our cases without climbing a god-damned ladder and they’re off the floor so we can actually jam. With a couple strokes of luck, we put this up for the price of a few wood screws.

The screen shop I work at is located on a former naval base that is home to many small businesses, mostly carpenters. Carpenters throw away a lot of great shit because it doesn’t conform to some rich clients kitchen ideals. That’s how I scored a great shelf unit made of 3/4″ solid wood planks.


I used a stud finder, and after some missed readings where my own studliness interfered with the finder, I located the studs in the wall and secured the shelf to them. I was very happy to not have to add some more damn struts and supports for this project, taking up the floor space I was trying to save.


The shelf wasn’t deep enough to balance the cases on, so I nabbed some left over plywood planks and a 2×4″ from our the junk pile at our rehearsal studios. This completed the shelf for the guitars so it went wall-to-wall. I had to inch the planks a bit forward so it would be the right depth to balance the cases securely (about 18″), but it worked.

Always keep your eyes towards¬†the ground for great, free shit for projects just like this… or as our member Scott puts it, keep “a profitable posture”… bad.

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