Consumed by Exhumed Part 2

After a long-assed drive from Oakland’s punk-sister-city of Portland, I was back home. Hell, I spend such an inordinate amount of time at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, I even got married there. Tonight, I would rock the stage yet again, but this time with the first band I was ever in worthy of noting. It felt like I would be showing the biggest group of friends ever an old photo album.

And after this, a slideshow of my vacation to Hawaii!
And after this, a slideshow of my vacation to Hawaii!

I showed up early, because I have a nervous fit if I’m not in a club I’m playing before doors open. I had absolutely no cause to be there, but to walk around not actually loading shit. If I’d wanted this set to be 100% old-school, the proper thing to do would’ve been showing up five minutes before playing and realizing I had a broken string.

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Consumed by Exhumed Part 1

While I slept, little baby New Year decided to throw me a few curveballs for 2015. I awoke on January 1 to an email from my old bandmate from Exhumed, Matt Harvey. They recently released the Gore Metal re-recording which I had participated in, redoing all my vocals and not being able to speak for two days after. Now, they were going on tour with the crazy gods of Voivod and Napalm Death in support of Gore Metal 2. Their current bassist, Matt Slime, was leaving the band due to job commitments. Matt asked if I wanted to play the tour. Sonofabitch.

Ross and Harv
What a jerk.

I was kicked out of Exhumed 16 years ago. The feud between me and Exhumed lasted for years afterward, affecting both Impaled and Ludicra to varying degrees. Fisticuffs were almost had at one point. I tried to keep it out of the public eye, well, except for when I didn’t (like putting a murdered Exhumed fan on an Impaled 7” cover). Real mature, right? Well, the peace was made long ago and we’re all much more mature people. That includes mature life responsibilities, so I had to decline doing the whole tour on such short notice. But I offered to do some West Coast dates, and Matt accepted: five gore metal filled days traipsing down memory lane.

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Torture of Duty: Impaled gets Napalm Wasted

November 12th was an epic night for metal in Oakland, California. Napalm Death and Municipal Waste bringing us a show of epic proportions.

napalm death flyer metro

Along with long-time metal stalwarts and former locals, Exhumed, punk legends and actual locals, Attitude Adjustment, and last and probably least, our own gang in Impaled, you’ve got a bill worth getting in line for. A big fucking line.

You like Slayer? Me TOO!
You like Slayer? Me TOO!

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real end of tour

Ever been to Bourbon St. in Concord? That venue sucks balls! Luckily, we had a good show there with the tour. I was so sick the day after coming home from Portland, I had to have a shot of whiskey to keep me going before the show. Medicinal!

The very lastest show was one which we didn’t even know about until we’d hit Denver, in Orangevale. The club, which I’d never been to, turned out to be quite swell with a very punchy and hilarious sound guy. Raul had to work, but we managed to make it to the club just in time. Punctual!

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December 1

It’s all about the law of diminishing returns. Our returns for what we do diminish. I think. Actually, I’m not sure what the law of diminishing returns refers to, but it makes it sound like I could have made it on Wall St. instead of been in a band. I could have, but I don’t have to prove it to you. I know.

ross sewage cigar

I can’t remember what I wrote last in Denver. We had some nice folks from Cheyenne buy us WAY too many shots. I do recall putting down my computer after typing some stuff and then heading upstairs to the mezzanine to kick some people’s ass. Whiskey makes you think you can do stuff like that even when you’re as scrawny as me. I guess my overconfidence worked, because these schlubs who’d accidentally spilled some beer on me seemed very intimidated. Go me.

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First date with Napalm


ross sewage is drunk

damn, napalm death is on stage now and am I ever fucked up. I couldn’t help it. We only played in front of maybe 20 people,, but I swear, those 20 people bought me shots.
we drove 20 hours to join this tour, maybe more since Sean had to slow down iin the slushy snowy areas. Anyway, we got here, we rocked as hard as we could, and now Napalm is on stage. From what I gather, this tour isn’t going the best it could. That’s cause they asked Impaled to join. We’re bad luck. That was a bad idea. Oh well, we profit!

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