real end of tour

Ever been to Bourbon St. in Concord? That venue sucks balls! Luckily, we had a good show there with the tour. I was so sick the day after coming home from Portland, I had to have a shot of whiskey to keep me going before the show. Medicinal!

The very lastest show was one which we didn’t even know about until we’d hit Denver, in Orangevale. The club, which I’d never been to, turned out to be quite swell with a very punchy and hilarious sound guy. Raul had to work, but we managed to make it to the club just in time. Punctual!

Like many of the shows on this tour, we had to go on at a time earlier than was posted by the club on their website. Hypocritical!

All of the other bands on the tour were quite nice. Animosity and Dead to Fall are swell folks, and gave us lots of shout outs on stage. We were friends with Dead to Fall’s Jon from a tour a couple years back, and now I feel like we’re friends with the guys in Animosity, too. Congenial!

That’s all the playing for Impaled for awhile while we head back to the jam space and continue honing our new material for a new full length recording. Topical!

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