Tragedy show

Tragedy show review, April 7

So, early Sunday show at Gilman. Those bastards… don’t they know these kids all have school the next day? How are they going to learn cursive if Gilman keeps having shows on school nights? I think this is not really supporting the education of the punk community.

I got to the show right before Born/Dead played, so I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the first three bands sucked and all sounded like Nickelback meets Tom Jones.

Born/Dead played a really good set, as was expected. They continue to incorporate a lot of d-beat into their set, and I like it. I could be wrong, by they seem to sound harder than when I saw them years ago. Wyatt was strong as always, and I’m still amazed at the sound he gets playing with his fingers. It sounds like a pick. Maybe he has leather fingers like Tony Iommi. Josh laid down some awesome tom work, but it was really hurt by a lackluster sound. Was there a sound guy? Was there even a PA? Gilman needs to invest some of their trust fund into some unbroken equipment.

Tragedy came on and instantly pummeled the crowd. Towards the beginning of the set, they went straight from one song directly into “Vengeance” and it sounded killer. I wish some more punk bands, hell, more bands in general, could get stuff like that down. Instead of sitting around tuning at full volume, or mindlessly blathering, or drinking bottled water… it really keeps the flow of the show going. Unfortunately, Tragedy suffered when one of their guitar amps was cutting out. So much for the flow of the show.

Todd, the guitarist and vocalist, was really in good form. I’m a super huge fan of his vocals, and he’s got the rock moves to back it up. Fist pounding in the air, pointing at the crowd, and god damn that vein bulging in his head… he looks ready to kill. Kudos to him for pulling off those moves and managing to look tough, as opposed to a big ball of fromage. He really pulls the show together.

The sound, again, seemed lackluster. Not Tragedy’s fault. Their new songs, however, were their fault. Actually, I’m not 100% sure they were new songs, or if I just missed out on some b-sides. I only have their albums. Anyway, at least one of the riffs I was unfamiliar with sounded like a heavier distorted Green Day. The inspired breakdowns just didn’t seem to be there, though one song I really wasn’t enjoying did have a great coda in a minor key that was fairly epic. I know they were recording recently, so I’ll just have to wait and see how the material sounds from the studio.

Tragedy audience review:

To the little barrel of a girl who was running full speed into everyone… sorry about the tit grab, it was an accident. And gross. I just wanted you off of me. You stank, you looked like hell, and I hated you. Don’t run into people for no reason, or yank their damn shirts. Look at your fellow moshers… they were having fun, occasionally losing balance and falling into people, but generally respectful and just beating the snot out of only each other. I’m not sorry about the second time when I hit you in the neck. I wish it had been harder.

To the girl pogoing in the pit with the army hat and black dreds… nice moves! Pogoing is highly underrated and you looked like you were having fun. One piece of advice… I know you’re kinda hippyish, but seriously… a bra, honey. Get one. You’ll thank me in 20 years.

The guy in the upside-down Burger King hat… it’s not irony. It’s not an ingenious comment on consumerism. It’s not even cute. It’s dumb. But you danced funny, so points for that.

The crowd-walker… crowd walking is cool, but if you’re the only one and you go up more than once… more than twice… three or four times, you’re just showboating. Boost someone else up, ya jerk. Also, lose the tiny, khaki short shorts and look into some pants. If I wanted to see that much leg on a guy… actually, I just don’t want to see that much leg on a guy. And there you were, presenting it as high as you could for all to see. At least shave.

To the kid in the blue shirt with a David Cassidy haircut… lose it. You look like Prince Valiant, but without muscle.

To the black guy growing your hair out and straightening it… I don’t know. It looks weird to me. Dreds are way cooler. Or a mohawk! Go for a mohawk. As it is, you look like a young James Brown, and it’s creeping me out.

To the couple in matching leather motorcycle jackets… you two are fucking precious. The guy’s all short, but protecting his lady from the pit, and then they were all making out and junk, and I thought it was cute. You probably thought I was being creepy smiling in your direction. I guess it is kinda creepy to be watching a couple make-out while a band was playing. What can I say? I’m a punk rock romantic at heart.

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