If Pungent Stench played last night…

And no one went, did they play a note?

Wow. These guys are like heroes to me. And including me, there was six paying people left by the time they went on. Who booked ’em in Concord (armpit of the Bay Area) AND decided not to flyer? One fan I met there only came in because he was filling a prescription next door and heard the noise. He was lucky! They still played a good set for all six of us. The played “Viva La Muerte,” “Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice,” “For God Your Soul,” “Got M.I.L.F.,” some other old songs I can’t recall right now (one off the split LP!), and a bit more off of Ampbeauty. They didn’t bugger out either, just cause there weren’t enough people there. Bowels Out, the band they were playing these shows with, were good sports too.

It was real cute to watch the openers play and then leave with their 15 friends before Pungent Stench even set up. These guys helped write the book, you n00bz. I guess it was past your bedtime, school was tomorrow, and you musta been tired from doing all them cool karate kicks and breakdowns.

Sad. Worst promoted tour ever. If anyone reads this from outta town, here’s the rest of their dates…

16.05.2006 RocknRoll Pizza Portland, OR USA
17.05.2006 Studio 7 Seattle, WA USA
18.05.2006 Samarui Duck Eugene, OR USA
19.05.2006 Boom Ogden, UT USA
20.05.2006 Grove Street Boise, ID USA
21.05.2006 Illif Park Saloon Denver, CO USA
22.05.2006 Hairy Marys Des Moines, IA USA
23.05.2006 Station 4 St Paul, MN USA
24.05.2006 Melody Inn Indianapolis, IN USA
25.05.2006 Elvas South Bend, IN USA
26.05.2006 1123 Evansville, IN USA
27.05.2006 Amvets 40 Roanoke, VA USA
28.05.2006 Maryland Deathfest @ Sonar Baltimore, VA USA
29.05.2006 Peppermint Club Norfolk, VA USA
30.05.2006 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA USA
01.06.2006 Downtime NYC, NY USA

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