Tour-ture tools

It seems like I was just in Europe, with Ludicra, but here I go again with Impaled. Some years are just like that. I must remember to be thankful and try to forget my crippling debt, my age, and the work hours I’m losing out on. Oh no, touring is fun. It’s great to be 35, have no money, and sleep on floors in strange lands.

5 thoughts on “Tour-ture tools

  1. I can't play a beat to save my life and I've been carrying drum keys on my keychain for 15 years. Why the fuck can't drummers hold on to a drum key for more than one gig/practice? I always have a floyd rose alan wrench, and the things are way easier to lose/strip!

  2. Awesome, you are the only person I play music with that carries a drum key, and all that other stuff for that matter. You are like a Swiss Army Guy.

  3. wow…i carry all but a few of those, but haven't been to europe, so no need for inverters yet! now if i can move to my band & make shit happen again, i'm all set!!!

  4. As far as the underwear goes, Im a new convert to ex oficio boxer briefs. Having just moved fom Las Cruces NM to swamp ass land Austin TX these chones are now a must have. Sounds goofy but they make all my other skivvies feel obsolete. They seem super pricey at first, but you can get by with only two pairs since they dry super fast. Added bonus is more room in the bag for other shit. BTW how did those repairs to your cab hold up from the trainyard in LCNM?

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