Ludicra gig

I am blessed. It must be all the good karma. This weekend Ludicra played. I have a truck, no tarp, but when I asked the rain to stop, it did… just long enough to get equipment to the show and to take it home. The show was fun, lots of good friends, new and some very, very old. Other than Aesop’s many technical mishaps with his aging snare, the show went well. 

There was a couple of moshers, which I am finding out are not appreciated at the typical Ludicra show. People would rather stand and take it in. So, note to moshers… come and mosh at the Impaled show where it’s all good. Go to the Ludicra show when you want to stare at your shoes or Laurie cradling her mic like a baby. That’s so twisted… 

I managed to get 7 safety pins in my arm by myself. No one noticed, but it felt good anyway. 

I liked the one girl dancing like a lunatic on my side of the stage. That was entertaining as all hell.

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