I don’t know who’s catching our genius. Last night, Rush Limbaugh interviewed us on KALX… he called us liberal hippies a lot and said we hated the troops. He might have been right. 

Tonight, we were surprised to spend not just 15 minutes, but the entire 3 hours on Billy Steele’s Metal Zone on 107.7 the Bone. He was super cool, and we were stupid and doofy. I can’t believe people don’t take Impaled seriously. 

But seriously… if you haven’t heard about the Impaled CD release show (Wed March 9th Elbo Room, SF) by now, with our coverage in the East Bay Express, on multiple radio shows… you just plain suck. I already know we’re going to have like 20 people at our big CD release show, and I seriously wonder why the hell we try so hard. Oh yeah… it’s out of spite. Screw you all… we’re not quitting until you’ve all died from annoyance. EAT ME! 

Oh yeah… here’s the bit I came up with (with a little help from my friends) after listening to a promo for the HORRIBLE Blue Collar Comedy Tour while on the Bone… You know you’re a metal head when you listen to songs about viking heroes while shipping porn at a warehouse. You know you’re a metal head when your hair is longer than your sister’s. You know you’re a metal head when you pick up your girlfriend from High School… and you’re 36. You know you’re a metal head when you refer to your landlord as either “mom” or “dad.” You know you’re a metal head when an apple a day means a fresh bong every morning. You know you’re a metal head when… okay, here I had some thing kissing Billy Steel’s ass… but here’s a new one… You know you’re a metal head when your Friday night is spent blogging some crap about your unpopular band on a website where your highlight is a “brutal” comment from some 16 year old hessian. Cheers, baby! 

I’m going to continue getting drunk and cursing life.

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