Many apologies to DJ Annabelle at KALX who was cool enough to let Rush Limbaugh take over a guest slot she had and interview Impaled. I’m a bad, bad, person. I callously forgot to mention her in my last blog. I’m going to flagellate myself extra hard in my regular session of masochistic punishment. Tonus from KUSF also let us go on Rampage Radio to plug our show. Don’t wanna forget another DJ.

On Tuesday, the Pound said we could almost assuredly have our show with Engorged and Lord Gore there. Then they never returned my calls. Then they actually hung up on me Saturday night. Sorry, kids, they don’t give a crap if you wanna see some good bands. No matter that we’ve done tons of shows there and brough them good money when we were called on to fill a gap. Looks like I have to find a 21 and over bar to put the show on at and apologize profusely to the bands that everyone in the Bay Area sucks a big fat cock. 

Our shirts are supposed to be done in time for the CD release show, but I just saw a design of them that differed greatly from the one I provided. I don’t know why, but they thought the shirts would be better if they looked like crap. I’m laying big bucks on this, so they too can eat dick. Back to the drawing board, you idiots. 

For all the promo and preparation I’ve done for this show, I’m already convinced it will be a bust. To all my friends who are not going… stop giving me excuses about jobs, or about dogs, or about anything… if you don’t like death metal, or we just don’t have a flavor of the month coke head to latch onto, I don’t care. I just don’t want to hear lame excuses. I’m being overly sensitive because this CD was so much god damned work, and I already know none of my friends will like it because it’s not Ludicra or “ironic.” Just don’t go. No excuses. I’ll see you later at some other cooler show. 

Saturday show… Countdown to Extinction was awesome. America’s Dirty Thirties was pretty good… Scurvy Dogs tore it up. Looking around at all those drunk punks… I could tell the system was really in trouble. Look out, Wall Street, there’s a warehouse of drunk punks that don’t like YOU! It’s awesome that Scurvy Dogs scheduled a show four days before they’re playing with us. And Desolation scheduled a show for the day after. That was sarcasm. I guess I should feel blessed anyone will deal with us after our own label said no one “takes us seriously.” Jeez… a couple days off the sauce and I get bitchy.

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