Impaled show

Went off like a bomb. All the hard work, the stress, the heart aches, the carpal tunnel typing bulletins, evites, the late-night radio, the cajoling… it paid off.


Sometimes you forget about what friends you have, then your good friends all show up and make you feel warm all over when you’re doing something you’re proud of. It was an awesome night, though I was still running around crazy, doing lights for bands (cause no one else was doing it) and drinking and having a generally good time with everyone. Of course, I didn’t get to hang with everyone… it was god damned packed!!! So yeah, a good night.


And I finally got a decent venue to put up Lord Gore and Engorged at! Stork Club, April 7th… dammit, they always hook us up good in Portland, and I want to show them the same down here. The Pound can suck my right nut. And my left. And my whole cock. Way to string us along… I gave up. Sorry kids, it won’t be all ages.

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