I went to Santa Cruz to see Gwar again. Having seen Gwar at their lowest point, it was a pleasure to see a sold out show with hundreds of screaming maniaxe blowing their lids for one of my favorite bands. I thought I would play it cool again and just kick back and watch the show. About three notes in, this notion was put to rest as I tore through the crowd lusting for fake blood and bad jokes. Several times, I hanged 10 over the teeming masses and was carried aloft upon waves of hands. Fake blood spurted over my accroutements until I tore them off and devolved into some sort of cro-magnon blood hound screaming and grunting for more. Unencumbered by shame or by duty or by obligation, I beat upon my bare chest and chanted with my fellow Gwar-lunatics as we banged our heads and pumped our fists. It was the best show I’ve seen in years. 

Speaking of shows… Ludicra show coming up: Saturday, Feb. 19 Ludicra Enablers Ovarian Trolley Psychlone Warehouse 3rd @ Marin San Francisco Don’t worry. I will have my chest covered at this show. I would hate to detract from my fellow Ludicrans by creating a horny hysteria and causing the audience to either be overcome with the vapors or to surge the stage for a touch.

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