let’s get jiggy

I heard that “jig” was a racist term. Fuck it, who likes the Irish, anyway?

These myspace buttons suck. They’re too limited. I want to be able to enter my status as “permanently self-involved”…

The new Impaled site is up. http://www.impaled.info it has a funny splat noise that makes me giggle… tee hee!

Ludicra practiced every song we ever wrote yesterday and now my arm is going to fall off. We went out to eat afterwards… yay friends! Oh wait… this is Ludicra. I hate them and now I’m depressed. Let’s all CRY!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Note to monkeys… it’s hard to rip off something I don’t own and refuse to listen to. You, on the other hand…

The future’s so bright… I gotta get new eyeballs because my retina are burned out. BUMMER!

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