goody goody gum drops

This weekend…

Friday: got drunk in a punk warehouse and flung pickles (well, just one) at Fall of the Bastards.

Saturday: had a great day with my beautiful lady and then went to a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of a domme house. Saw a very old man spanked and used as a table, as well as 65 year old Asian guy dressed as a Catholic school girl… mmm hmm…


Sunday: Sewed together a pig heart, attached glowing vials and clockwork gears, and took the cover photos for the upcoming Impaled album. Folks… this IS the shit.


Today: Got word from Alternative Tentacles… the Ludicra LPs and CDs are in! Fucking hell, time to crush the world of rock ‘n’ roll… Life is sweet, sweet again. Mercury in retrogade my flaming asshole…

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