February 10th Ludicra show

Of course, this would’ve been more appropriate to post, oh, I don’t know, the day after the Ludicra show, minus me having to work and my intense exhaustion.

It was a banner evening for Lucifer’s Hammer. With four excellent (if I may say so myself) bands, it seemed that the old Lucifer’s crowd was out along with scores of people I’ve never seen before.

Blown to Bits just keeps getting better and better. They totally reorganized first as a three piece, and now as a four piece again, it’s obvious they have their rage in full effect.

Brainoil was heavy as a collapsed star, like they always are. You could tell the energy of the crowd was infectious as Nate and Greg made REALLY angry faces for two such affable fellows.

I only heard Kylesa, as my lady 1 Keri and Christine from Area 51 were busy piercing my arms in the upstairs office. Ooooh! It hurt so good! And they did an excellent job. Kylesa sounded awesome… at least, as much as I could hear inbetween my screams while having needles punched through my skin.

I was just inebriated enough as Ludicra went on. The crowd gave us enormous energy, and I think we played three songs more than we intended, seeing as how the bastards wouldn’t let us leave the stage. I mean, really, folks… that’s just plain ridiculous. But thanks, anyway.
Pix of Ludicra from the show by Nate from Brainoil…

The show over, I headed to my lady’s house, and got about three hours of sleep before taking her and our pal Aimee to the airport for their sojourn to Amsterdam. That’s so cool… and so totally sucky. Well… three weeks isn’t that long, is it? Twenty-one days… Five-hundred and four hours… Thirty-thousand, two-hundred and forty-minutes… One-million, eight-hundred and fourteen thousand and four-hundred seconds…

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