my life…


Ludicra is finished with basic tracking. Christy, Laurie, John, Aesop, and our guests, Sansa, Ron, Sigrid, Jackie, and Kris rock. Billy Anderson rocks.

Impaled is getting the next album together. And we’re having a rockin’ porn photographer take photos of us soon… sweet! Sorry, ladies and gents, there will be no Impaled weiner for y’all to marvel at, just our rockin’ faces. Our new guitarist Jason rocks. The new songs rock. We might be recording with someone supercool who totally rocks.

My room at my house has got new shelves which allowed me to unpack my drawing table… which rocks. Got to work on my rockin’ idea for the Engorged seven inch cover; a band, who by the way, rocks.

I got to go to some rockin’ parties with Brian, George, Tony, the Nixter, Nahthan, Aaron, Dino, Neela, Julie, Koa, Josh, and other rockers forgotten in the haze of the evening. But everyone rocked.

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