Exhumed Face-Melter Tour 2019

Since the gang was all flying back together from South America, Matt thought it would be a good idea to do a few more shows in the U.S. before Exhumed had to all head our separate ways. We didn’t have a new album, but we DID have a new hot sauce! So… let’s promote that!

Don’t read the lyrics to the song, though… not very appetizing!

From Hella Hot Hot Sauce, the same gang that brought the Ghoul hot sauce to life, comes Exhumed’s Forged In Fire Hot Sauce! It’s the gastronomical equivalent of our music, in that it’ll also make you shoot fire out your ass!

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From Creepsylvania to Cascadia

Or, from the Great White North to the Great Black Circle.

I’d been clamoring for some time to take another trip up North. It’d been a good god damned YEAR since we’d been there for the Revelations of Death fest back in 2012. I missed the amazing coffee. I missed the greasy spoons. I missed Fred Meyer. Ah, Fred Meyer… if God opened a Wal-Mart, it would be called Fred Meyer. But I digress. We were headed to play a show in Vancouver, British Columbia on the Friday, August 9th and the Black Circle Fest in Portland the next day.

A beaut from our own Scott Bryan

People had work, so Thursday night we loaded up the van and made a run for the border… for Poutine Bell. I really, really hate making this drive at night. The I-5 through the Oregon mountains is no joke for some sleepy headed band in a big van. I always try my damnedest to avoid night drives, let alone one on a road that has taken actual musicians’ lives.

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Ludicra “tour”

The Ludicra mini-tour went fantastically. I seriously couldn’t have hoped to have more fun and success.

Art © Mark McCormick
Art © Mark McCormick

It’s unfortunate I have to say “mini-tour” because Ludicra needs to get out more. Not only do all of us all of a sudden become healthier on the road, but I can see it in all our brains, that we need to rock (we have clear skull plates, I swear). There’s a lot of love put into Ludicra, even evidenced by Aesop telling us, his bandmates, about how much he loves working with us (what a fucking fag). I think we all feel the same about each other and the music we create.

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