Ludicra “tour”

The Ludicra mini-tour went fantastically. I seriously couldn’t have hoped to have more fun and success.

Art © Mark McCormick
Art © Mark McCormick

It’s unfortunate I have to say “mini-tour” because Ludicra needs to get out more. Not only do all of us all of a sudden become healthier on the road, but I can see it in all our brains, that we need to rock (we have clear skull plates, I swear). There’s a lot of love put into Ludicra, even evidenced by Aesop telling us, his bandmates, about how much he loves working with us (what a fucking fag). I think we all feel the same about each other and the music we create.

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The more answers I get…

… the more questions I have. But that’s rad… my life is an excellent, interesting, and entertaining diversion from my life.

Not the last Nile record though… that’s kinda boring, as I’m finding out.

The new Ludicra, though, which I have a finished copy of in my hands, is the opposite of that. You know, it’s fun being a member of an award-winning band that kills everything else on the planet. Yes… even better than the Beatles.

ludicra another great love song lp

And let’s not even get started on the next Impaled… yeesh, I’m lucky to be working with some of the most amazing musicians and artists around. And they… are lucky to be working with me.

Moving in…

Tonight, if I ever get outta the office, Ludicra will move our equipment into the recording studio. I’m starting, finally, to get excited. It comes at a great time… You know, after this I had written a bunch of deep shit about politics, life in general… fuck it. It’s a blog. There’s a million of these. I’m just gonna go rock and get drunk and cough up more lung butter. Life is good, I repeat, life is good.

Ludicra will record…

In two days. For the first time in 3.5 years. I wish it was during another month, but c’est la vie. Why not pack everything I need to do for the next years into the tiniest month there is? Sure, good idea. Then, I can pick up some drug habits again when I’m done and wile away the following ten months of 2004 in an opiatic haze. Sweeeet…

ross sewage with Ludicra 03