The Kunts Invade San Francisco

Dennis Dread‘s Entartete Kunts book is out now and it is grand. It’s 200 full colour pages of 42 amazing underground artists and fucking cheap at $50 for a hardbound copy from Ajna Press. He recently had a speaking engagement in San Francisco at the little-known-but-super-cool Vortex Room. He asked some of the local artists included in the book to display some art from the book, which included moi, and brought some of his own collection of originals as well. And that’s why I got to hold a bad-assed Amebix sword crafted by their vocalist, Rob Miller.


Me and my lady fair showed up early and got to enjoy all the art in appropriate light as Dennis and his partner Meadow unpacked the incredible collection of Dennis’ own art as well as his originals from a myriad of underground legends. Dennis has been waging his battle for art for awhile. This night, the Bay Area got to get in on the fight.

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Entartete Kunts: The Exhibit: The Book: The Blog

BUY THIS BOOK! As an international taste-maker, when I talk, people listen. And I’m telling everyone now: Entartete Kunts, curated by Dennis Dread and featuring works from me and 41 other talented artists, is a must have book for lovers of art, the underground, underground art, and books about art from the underground.


Where to buy it? That one is easy; you buy it from the publisher, the Ajna Offensive. You won’t find another deal like this, what with 340 full-colour pages for only half a Franklin. Why should you buy it? If you’re reading this blog, you should already have your answer; you’re a patron of all things excellent. If you don’t, well, you’re dumb. So let’s go back six years and maybe we can get it through your thick noggin.

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Gross Anatomy: A Silly Painting

This painting was prepared in anticipation for the Dennis Dread curated exhibition entitled “Entartete Kunts,” showing in Portland, OR, around the second Goregon festival in June. Seeing as how my work would be surrounded largely by fab zombie paintings, I decided to follow suit and do the most tasteless thing I could think of. I was laughing outloud for a few hours before I started once I’d thought of it.

zombie ref

The photo reference. An image of myself I would use to get the figure correct and a nice angle represented. I like photo reference especially for things like clothing wrinkles. I took about 30 pictures sitting on my toilet. Glamourous.

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