Dennis Dread is the amazing artist behind the covers of Engorged, Phobia, and others. He’s also the man behind Destroying Angels art ‘zine.

dennis dread

For an amazing read, check out his blog about visiting Bobby Beausoleil in prison.

For those who don’t know, Bobby Beausoleil was an associate of Charles Manson’s who killed a guy in a drug deal gone wrong. Because of the association, he was convicted as a member of the cult and a danger to society, instead of a dumb kid who fucked up. He’s produced some amazing art while he’s been kept locked up… probably for life.

So far as I can tell, he’s gotten the shit end of the stick. He was not a part of the infamous Sharon Tate murder or the cult. According to his own accounts, he only associated with Manson early on for some drugs and sex. His lifelong conviction is fairly undeserved, considering (as Dennis points out) unrepentant child molesters and unreformed murderers are freed with disconcerting regularity.

Beyond that, Dennis is an amazing writer and his fealty to underground art is unmatched. Check out all his blog postings.

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