show last night

Holy crap. What a disaster.


The sound guy finally showed up after the first band played. Very professional. Late-ass show, our set was cut short… But holy cow. Engorged and Lord Gore kicked so much ass and caused the mosh.

I can’t say enough good things about these bands.


The crowd was okay, some good friends showed up… some couldn’t.


Some… some of you, some of these people who call like to paint themselves as music enthusiasts… some of you who are so busy sewing patches on your vests of long dead thrash bands from the eighties… some of you who come to every Ludicra show because it’s the place to be seen… fuck you for not coming last night. You ARE posers. You DO suck assholes. You missed two god damned incredible bands and I sincerely hope you never get to see them because you don’t god damned deserve it. Go home and listen to your Modest Mouse or From Ashes Tragedy Hero’s Gone Path Of the Day Band on your iPod and make sure to pull your thumb out of your ass before you shit on your poser life.

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