Eat drink and be merry! The new day is upon us! Three weeks into this year, and one out of one crazy doctors agree… it’s sure to kick ass. Smiles, my children, as the glorious rays of sunshine beam down onto your glowing faces… unless you’re in New York in which case they sunshine might be good for thawing you out. But praise be to ME! Lo and behold, the only Democrat with balls is a woman! Thus a miracle was made… and a crush for yours truly to replace with the one on Martha Stewart. And lo, did a crazy German make us drink Pabst until our eyes did run with the Blue Ribbon ale of punk-rockitude! Eddie… Bush still sucks. And even in the land of sunshine, the snow drifts blow, and blow, and blow into everyone who’s heart aches and fills them with the spirit of Robert Downey, Jr. And behold, as money owed is paid and our coffers fill with heavenly lucre to buy more beer and cigarettes. And this Wednesday, the Bass Players That Matter numbers grow as our prodigal brother doth return to the stage. PRAISE BE TO THE FOUR STRINGS THAT DREW BLOOD! Praise be to my mirror soul! Praise be to my family! Praise be to my friends, even the cracked in the head ones! Praised be to my loved ones… and praise be to me! That didn’t make much sense. Actually, I meant to type a big long political diatribe… but my fingers slipped.

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