From on the road

Crap. My S is broken. on of a bitch. thi uck.

Well, anyway, last night was shaping up to be a disaster in Austin. It was the first club we played on our first tour ever, and we reminiced about how drunk and horrible we played and puked all over the place. Let’s do it again, boys!

It was looking very bad. Blessing the Hogs hadn’t shown up and the local cancelled, and their was two people in attendance.

We pushed things back, and a lot more people showed up. Well, not a lot, but a crowd whose enthusiasm would fill the place up. I mean, we didn’t think we could pack a 900 capacity club anyway, so these kids were a treat. We rocked out, had a great show to a great response. From then on, it was nothing but people buying us shots, buying tee shirts, and when we thought we would have no place to stay the night, all of a sudden we had offers coming out our ears.

We ended up staying at our friend Walker’s place, with whom we stayed with years ago. Blessing the Hogs came to hang out with us. There was no beer left to be had, so Walker’s wonderful notion? Let’s go to a titty bar. YAY!!!

At least I was enthusiastic… I had just had to pass up the chance to go hang out with two beautiful women who wanted to kidnap me for drinking so I could load equipment. The one told me to leave it to my bandmates. Sorry, bros before hoes! Instead, I got some beers later at the titty bar and asked a lovely little lady for a lapdance. Typically for me, we ended up talking about bass guitar and Japanese vending machines instead of just letting her get to it.

When she finally started dancing, I asked her “Are you Scottish or Irish?” And she says “Irish, why?” “I noticed the freckles on your shoulders…” I reply, to which she says “You’re looking at my shoulders?” Wow, I felt dumb. Sweet!

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