fart knockers

Houston went a-okay, pretty much. Some fight broke out during Disgorge because this kid moshed into a girl… keep in mind, this girl was throwing elbows and had just knocked over Billy from Blessing the Hogs. But her thuggish compatriots decided her violence in the pit should be greeted by flowers and pastries. Ridiculous… the whole thing interrupted what was a killer vibe.

Here’s a tip… don’t wanna get hit at a show? Don’t pit.

Anyway, our set went well, we had a great time. Damn… we’ve been having a lot of great times.
San Antonio was cancelled, which ended up okay, as we went to see our friend Jamie (ex-Hammers of Misfortune) and Brian (ex-Garuda) who are living on a killer ranch outside of Dallas. I’m totally stoked for them, and can’t wait to meet the little bean that’s gonna come out of her belly.

Today we played the Oklahoma metal fest, which was a lot of fun. Our old friend Tara was their with her boy, (Brian also, go figure) and we had a really good time hanging out and eventually playing. Us, headlining a fest? Ridiculous, but it seemed to go well.

Oklahoma has some dumb laws. Like… I went to get beer. I could buy normal beer, but only warm. Cold beer is all 3.1 percent alcohol or lower. Now here’s the thing… they liquor store sold me the warm beer, and then chilled it in a super freezing water cooler. Apparently, that’s legal, so I left with cold beer anyway!!??! What the hell was the point of that? And as if some alcoholic is not going to drink warm beer. Hell, they’ll drink windowpane if it gets ’em drunk!

Stupid bible belt. Isn’t this the state that elected a senator who said abortion doctors should all get the death penalty? Crap… I’m afraid to admit half my family comes from here. Weird.

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