Dave Brockie (1963-2014) Oderus Urungus (1984-2014)

Words fail. Tears don’t.

My hero has died.

My friend has passed on.

The suit may be empty, but legends never die.

I miss you, Dave.


3 thoughts on “Dave Brockie (1963-2014) Oderus Urungus (1984-2014)

    1. Ross,
      I got to see you play with GWAR in Pittsburgh. They are my favorite band. Dave was a huge influence on me since I was a teen. He was the hardest working man in the business. He will be missed by all.

  1. Upon some reflection and the return of my words, I want to add that though this tragedy has saddened me, none are more affected than Dave's surviving family in GWAR and at the Slave Pit. I'm but a fanboy who got to hang with his idols… they have lost so much more. My thoughts and condolences are with them.

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