Body Worlds!

Fucking awesome! This exhibit kicks ass. I finally was able to go and see it with friends, and we were all amazed. The muscles, the ligaments, the DEAD FUCKING BABIES IN JARS. I was in hog heaven. If you don’t go see it, you’re a big puss. People are dumb and thought it was fake. FOOLS!!! Gunther Von Haagen is a ghoul, and god bless him for it. 

My trip to LA was pretty rad… good times, good people, good friends. Joey and Jeff put up with our asses and housed us. Some LA friends came to the show… Vile, ya sicko, and my little treasure Janis. I was looking everywhere for her all night once I heard she’d come, and eventually found her right before we were leaving. They wouldn’t let her in the club, because she was too drunk, haha! I held her until she stopped crying, and then were able to hang outside for a long while and catch up. Got her some water so she could sober up, and eventually found some other friends of hers to sneak her back in so she could hang out. Hmmm… she probably got drunk again! 

Fucking cool to meet our label folks, too… none of them knew who the hell we were when we stopped by the office, but they seemed cool as hell after we played. It’s rad playing and kids sing along and know the words. Fuck, we don’t, so it’s actually helpful. Oh, and I drew a pink zombie with a heart for Century Media. I hope they appreciate my sweetness! I drove back the whole way from LA and am at work now… I’ve been such a puss about driving for awhile now with Impaled and Ludicra trips. I’ve been so damn exhausted! I seem to be getting my game back. Niiiiiiice…

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