Satryicon… man, Satyr is an arrogant fuck. In his spandex shirt… Says his band will spearhead a black metal scene in America… you bastard. Okay, so maybe I’m taking offense because I play in a black metal band. But seriously…

Von, more than ten years ago, kvlt black metal. Typhon, that fuck, started Necropolis Records. Justin Sane (who’s now insane) was writing Varg from the States BEFORE he killed anyone. Those’re people I know… move on to the shitloads of bands that have started since, the multiple appearances of Emporer, Mayhem, Enslaved, Marduk, and others live. Satyr… you were always second best. Nemesis Divina is a good stop over while waiting to listen to something better. And then to compare Mother North to anything Bathory wrote? That’s the black metal theme song? Hardly… you’re about as original as Slipknot… appropriate since you have their drummer. Not to dis either band… both are decent, but don’t get so big for your britches.

The show, otherwise, was pretty good.

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