March 28

I knew it would happen. I went back and checked a drunken rambling after the show in Gent. It was bad. I’m not posting it. No emailing or journaling while drunk. 

I’ll say this, while sober… I got really depressed after a really weird show in Belgium and drank way too much. 

The club was crazy… fresh cinderblocks above our head laid down that day. Everyone was a bit sketch about it, especially once Raul started breakdancing on the second floor. The jerk. 

In my drunkenness, I also missed hanging out with Sven from Aborted, an all around swell guy. I’m a jerk.

Yay! We’re in Manchester today, and in England, and yay fun. Although going through customs drunk, and having unfortunately taken a rare hit of pot, which surprise surprise, made me totally sick as usual, was no fun. They are really strict in England. I think it’s all the sausages and potatoes they eat. Get some salads, people, and loosen those asses!

Speaking of asses… I need some salad. Ugh. No details. 

I missed the ferry ride, being completely wasted and asleep and post puking. Eric from Deeds got caught on films… Deeds gone Wild! Some awesome drunken ramblings and a puking session caught. That was good to know I wasn’t the only idiot last night.

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