Irony and nostalgia

So in California, there was this train wreck that killed 11 people. It was caused by a suicidal guy who changed his mind, but couldn’t get his car off the tracks. Now, they’re charging him with murder and seeking the death penalty. Irony? A culture of life? A fucked up Tales From the Crypt story? Or just god damned hilarious? I went and saw a reformed Cruevo last night along with Blown to Bits and Old Grandad. So many old friends, had a great time… man that sent me back in time. It was like I was 26 again! Granted… that was just a three years ago… Fuck you. Don’t fuck with my nostalgia. Some girl was getting fucked with by this twerp, and she kept pushing him away. I asked her, “Is that your friend?” And she said yeah… but added “That was nice of you to ask.” This keeps happening. Girls keep weird friends these days. And by weird I mean stupid. Gud speling is untervalud thes dayz. Peeple shud uze spelchek mor. Thatz whut it is fur.

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