Graveyard in Nilbog

I was asked to do a poster for the Graveyard’s April tour series. I’m like… fuck yeah! Graveyard! Then they’re like, you’re doing Salt Lake City. And I’m like… I fucking hate Salt Lake City. Ugh. Whatever good came outta that shit burg area? I came up with precisely two things: the films Carnival of Souls and Troll 2. So, the word “good” is entirely subjective as used here. I decided to base my poster on one of those things. After doing a poll on Facebook, a Troll 2 poster won out.


What can I say? I think the Goblin Queen, Creedence Leonore Gielgud, is fucking hot. The glasses, the wisps of gray hair, the corn… what a bad-ass babe to put on a gig poster, amiright? Okay, maybe I’m not. But I can’t do anything seriously.

If you haven’t seen Troll 2 or the documentary Best Worst Movie, check them out. You’ll understand better why this poster had to be made. And in the documentary, look carefully during the scene where they screen the movie with all the actors in L.A.; I’m in that crowd somewhere! And if you want to buy one of these fine posters (and I know you do) here’s the link:

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