Good Wednesday

Skarp liked the album cover Eric and I did for them. Woo hoo. Now onto the layout… which is due in a week or so, and we have no lyrics, recording info, song order, or even song titles. Way to go! Ludicra show last night went very well. Good times, good sound, lots of genuine music lovers came out to appreciate Wolves in the Throne Room and Bloodhag, too. Well, booklovers came for Bloodhag. You get the point. Christy and I did lots of leaning back-to-back like Maiden. We’re hams… and I love it. Jello came out and I got to chat with him a bit. He finally saw us have a good show with good sound. He didn’t even know I was doing art for his label. Well… that happens. He’s busy hating Tipper Gore or something.


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