Making a Comic Book

I made a comic book last year. This is the culmination of a dream I had since I was a child stapling together typing pages of scribbles. I ended up getting into music and playing in bands, but I never stopped wanting to make a comic book. After too many fucking years, I finally wrapped up band life and my old dream into one book, Kickstarted it, and successfully drew and printed this puppy.

It was extremely gratifying to go to a print shop and pick up copies of a comic book that I drew, laid out, and got printed all on my own. Physical copies are available here on my website, or if you prefer cheaper digital, I have them available for sale on But if you’re just interested in the process of creation…

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Exhumed Face-Melter Tour 2019

Since the gang was all flying back together from South America, Matt thought it would be a good idea to do a few more shows in the U.S. before Exhumed had to all head our separate ways. We didn’t have a new album, but we DID have a new hot sauce! So… let’s promote that!

Don’t read the lyrics to the song, though… not very appetizing!

From Hella Hot Hot Sauce, the same gang that brought the Ghoul hot sauce to life, comes Exhumed’s Forged In Fire Hot Sauce! It’s the gastronomical equivalent of our music, in that it’ll also make you shoot fire out your ass!

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Path of Dissent Art Show

If you’re in the Boston area, I’ll be part of a group exhibition featuring some amazing artists. Putrid, Mark Richards, Lucas Ruggieri, and Dan Seagrave are just a few of the talents that my wholly crappy work will be put up next to. I’ll just have a couple prints on exhibition and for sale. I won’t be able to attend myself, unfortunately. Here’s the information if you can.

path of dissent small

Eridanos Tattoo & Gallery
36 Prospect St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Gross Anatomy: Die Struwwelpetra Tour Poster

Who wants to buy CDs anymore? Playing live doesn’t really pay the bills of touring like it used to. You fucking nitwits who download everything are too blame. Of course, I’m a fucking nitwit, too, and Aesop has a blog that’s nothing BUT musical downloads. We are the problem and the victims.

A3 size, edition of 150, 4 color
For sale in the Doktor Sewage Shop

Now that I’m working at Monolith Press, the fucking BEST rock poster shop (fuck, if I’m printing, it must be) and there’s more and more business as musical acts look to other avenues to generate the all essential dough to pay the bills. Of course, in 2012, when the world ends and there’s no more oil, forget about touring and learn how to fight zombies. For now, though, novel items like a concert poster are in vogue. Try and download a screen print, turkey.

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C.U.N.T. shirt design

The grind band C.U.N.T., ever-so pleasantly named, contacted me a couple months ago about doing a shirt design for them. I finally got around to doing it, just in time so they could print it up for their trip to Mexico. Herein lies the process and the results.

C.U.N.T. Wilmington ConocoPhilips refinery shirt

The band hails from Wilmington, a town heavily beset by oil refineries. Their concept was to have two landmarks of their home town, the ConocoPhillips “jack-o-lantern” storage tank and the town’s “welcome” sign, prominently featured with an oil refinery. Their logo was to be coming out of the smokestacks. A cheery picture of life at home, indeed.

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Order of the White Rose shirt design

I was contacted by a punk band via myspace about doing a tee shirt design for them. The band, (Order of the) White Rose, is a pretty damn good punk band from Hawaii. Not your usual locale known for anti-establishment rock.

order of the white rose tee shirt

We decided to do a design based on their song “Sky Breakers.” The lyrics are about Christian missionaries coming to Hawaii and “fucking things up for everyone.” That’s usually what Christian missionaries do, if they’re not busy being killed by death squads in Nicaragua. That song was in turn based on a poem by Albert Wendt, called “Inside us the Dead.” I was into it.

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