April 22

FINALLY I gots me some Internet, so I can post a whole bunch. Ah, it’s like I just stuck the needle in. 

Zurich, what an amazing city. It’s really gorgeous, with rivers flowing through it, really neat buildings, cobblestone paths that wind around littered with cool shops. Earland from Vile and I took a walk and shot the shit. Then we decided, as the two marked “drunks” of the tour, to have a beer, and in his words, watch some titties. There were definitely some nice ones. We ended up grunting to each other like cavemen as a signal. 

Then came the night. We were on at 7:30 on a Friday night. We found out later, from some disappointed folks that were advertised to be on at 8. The promoter wanted to put us on later, but our tour manager, who has been awesome except for this one thing, said, “No way.” Now, my understanding was that it because we had a long drive the next day, so we would load out immediately. This was not the case later on as I had to go and yell at his drunk ass at the after party to get moving. We could’ve gone on way later, there was no rush for anything. That really ticked me off, as we played to a very small crowd.

At some point, I snapped. Running around, trying to find people to get moving after this supposed rush we were going to have leaving. Our tour manager was having a good time drinking. Slacking. I was drunk and getting drunker and more pissed. Kicking things, throwing bottles, yelling at people, bah… mood swings. Sucks. I got into a giant political yelling match with Eric from Deeds, and then after accidentally dumping a bottle near Sean’s iPod and him, rightfully, yelling at me, I went to bed saying something like “I’m outta here, I suck, I’m clumsy, fuck me…”

I didn’t get up for a long time. No hangover, just not feeling social. Finally, we get to the club in Austria, and it’s fucking huge. 1000 people capacity. This is going to suck. I took off to see the town, Graz. Holy snap… it’s beautiful. There’s a huge rolling river in the city center, and bridges down to sit and walk along it. I saw one guy surfing the river, as it’s rushing quite hard in the spring. There was also a restaurant built right into the river. I sat and listened to the white noise. 

Back at the club, now, and I’m tired, and I found out we’re going on at 7 on a Saturday night. WEEE!!!! This should suck.

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