Merde! Marshall Cabinet Casters

I would like to congratulate Marshall Amps on their big anniversary, defining the sound and look of rock for 50 fucking years. Yup, they’ve been rolling along for awhile now. That is, until their really shitty casters broke and then them shits weren’t rolling nowhere. One sentence we will never hear another company say is, “Those Marshall casters are so well designed, we should copy them!”

marshall casters

Alas, the Marshall 1960A and B are such standard and well made guitar cabinets in every other way, the minor defaults with the casters must be forgiven and dealt with. The shitty plastic sockets strip out, the poorly mounted bolts come undone, and the riveted-in wheels bust. Loading in and out of venues every night doesn’t help their longevity, either. At an unreasonable $20 a pop each for genuine Marshall replacement casters, what else can be done?

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