Fuckin Up!

I have some kind of weird-o workaholic ADD complex that they don’t make a pill for. That’s probably for the best, because I’m sure that pill would have unreported heart-attack side effects. In any case, I keep myself busy, too busy, to keep from ever getting bored, but then I screw over my friends and don’t get much done anyway. I wish I was on some government stipend, and didn’t have to work, but I’m sure I’d manage to overfill that time, too.

Friday and Saturday morning, I tweaked (not literally, though I had wayyyy too much coffee) on some Impaled songs I’d been working on. Sean redid one of my new songs, and raised the bar, so I really felt like I needed to get my musical shit together. I did, but I’d also forgotten about a practice (which ended up being cancelled) and was nearly late for the next event…

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zom-bees for my dead honey

I been working hard. I love it. My supervisor was gone from work Friday so I had to take care of stuff. I find some kind of orgasmic property in work-induced stress. Perhaps I channel the unprovable orgone energy into my occular cavities by way of squinting at sheets of data.

bad date

I called my friend Rosemarie on Friday. She is way cool. There are few people I am agog to talk with on the phone, so much so, I had to aglog about it. She told me about the zombie shoot. Actually, she just said the word “zombie film” and I blurted out, “I’m there!! Where? When?” I like zombies. Can you tell? If there is one way to be, it’s to zom-be.

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