STD Greeting Cards: You need these!

My fiancee and I have been mulling about on a project for some time now. Probably, like, a year. Touring and stuff often gets in the way of fun stuff like this. Finally, however, I was able to make some time. It is here I am for the first time displaying our first ever joint artistic effort; STD greeting cards.

I’ve gone and screen printed four different cards, all featuring just the most adorable little animal I could draw. These are going to be sold as a set of four, bundled up all cute, and just in time for the holidays! What makes these so special, besides my amazing art and a wonderful four color screen printing job? The messages inside… each one has a different message declaring from the sender to the sendee an APOLOGY for whatever SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE you might have given them. You had to know the idea was gonna get sick at some point, right?

I drew these up awhile ago and just recently found time to screen them. Technically, I printed five colors, as I had to do the inside print as well. My fiancee got them scored and folded, and now they’re ready to ship. D.I.Y. to the core. And just look at the fantastic designs.

Awww, a cute punk rock pug! Goofy siamese siamese-twin cats! A kitten with a broken arm! A wiener dog dressed as a cowboy AND a horse! This’ll all cushion the blow for the bad news you have to deliver…

Oh shit! You’ve got fucking herpes! That blows… but wook at that wittle crusty pug. Who could stay mad at that face?

This dachshund wants to give you a round of applause… because you got the clap. Better get it treated soon, I hear it’s becoming drug resistant.

Oh you jerky cats… that’s an awfully mean trick to play on someone! Don’t worry though, they look mighty embarrassed about it, and that really cushions the blow of having to go to the doctor to get that shit frozen off your junk.

Oh shit! Ya got the big one! well, fuck it, look at that poor witty kitty cat. He wishes he could play with a ball of yarn; you wish you’d worn a jimmy hat. It’s all relative.

If this sounds more like an advertisement than a D.I.Y. blog post, that’s cause it is… buy these fucking cards! Just for the cute animals or for the sick joke inside… send it to an ex! Send it to your current partner! Do the right thing and apologize, or do the wrong thing and freak someone out! Put it on your fridge and bum out your roommates! I don’t give a shit!

These all come with envelopes in packets of four, wrapped in nice ribbon, all mailed in a sturdy packet for the low, low price of $15, postage paid. Four different original screen printed art cards with four different STD messages inside; that’s a lot of funny for fucking cheap.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve got a sense of humor… you can buy this limited edition set at our Etsy shop, STD Design. If enough people dig this, then get ready for some more sick-o cute humor. Me and my fiancee have a lot of great ideas to come and not one is beneficial to society at large. GUARANTEED!

That link again… STD Design on Etsy.
Buy our cards.

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