Irun, not Iran

Yesterday was Raul’s and JJ from Vile’s birthday. What’re the odds on that one? 

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, seemed totally dead on their feet when we pulled into Irun. Colin made some comment to me, Sean, and Jason, saying “I suspect it’s you guys who are stinking up the bus.” See, Colin has this funny habit of trying to deduce things like he’s Sherlock Holmes or something. Well, that pissed me off righteously. I said we’d all had showers, and Reno added “Well, you also have to change your clothes, Ross, don’t you think?” You know, come to think of it, maybe Reno was being sarcastic. I thought he was joining in with Colin, but Colin has been wearing the same clothes for three weeks now. The same ribbed black tee. 

Holy crap, I wish I’d caught that yesterday. That was fucking hilarious. 

Instead, I started out in a bad mood. I decided to talk less. Then the club owner admonished me after I tried to dust off a rug that Mike from Deeds had handed me for the drums. Apparently, they had another rug, and I should ask. Then he also told me their wifi and internet connection was private. Dude… it’s already paid for. It’s not like every keystroke is gonna cost you a penny or something. 

All clubs should have wifi and a computer to access. It’s relatively cheap, and it keeps drunk alcoholics layabouts entertained and mellowed out until they have to play. Everyone is happier in the end. 

I shut down. I put on my tunes, and just sat there. For a very, very long time. This was a boring fucking neighborhood, no internet, nothing to do but sit there. I couldn’t even eat for entertainment as there was only dried meat, basically. 

I was prepared for a bummer of an evening. But it actually turned out okay. We got a pretty solid response. We got a timid Mike from Vile to try flan and he loved it. More importantly, during the headlining set, Mike took us up and we did shots for Raul’s birthday (they’d already done it for JJ). This started a pow-wow, and all of a sudden, a lot of us were laughing, joking, talking shit. It was a much needed break down. Oh whiskey, is there any problem you cannot solve?

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