Esprit de Corpse 4: Wien

I’m gonna write this while totally drunk.

Okay, where did we leave off? Pulling into Wien on the 28th, aka Vienna. We met our friends Tomas and Lena at their apartment. Tomas had arranged our show in Wien to be opening for Malevolent Creation at the Viper Room. Very nice of the little guy.

We had a few beers at Tomas’ amazing apartment and then headed to the show. Dinner was of course some schnitzel and sausage, which Sean had cut for him by Tomas.

It was a pretty fun show, but Death Feast had just happened, Black Dahlia Murder was playing this night somewhere else in Austria, and Judas Priest’s farewell tour was the next night in Vienna. All this conspired against us, but we carried on as did the sparse but dilligent crowd. The Austrians who arrived were entertained to their fullest.

A good night was had with Malevolent Creation as well as with Martin of Pungent Stench and Hollenthon (a personal god and god damned HERO).

The next day was mostly spent sleeping, hard cheese for the bassist who invariably wakes up at 10am. About 4-5 hours later, once everybody was FINALLY ready to go, Tomas and Lena took us to the MQ of Vienna, or the Museum Quartier.

We saw a nice exhibit of Salvador Dali, but unfortunately our late waking asses had to get to… dun dun dun… Judas Priest’s last ever tour along with Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy. Time to get to grubbin’ before the show!

Dammit, we missed Falco and Beethoven’s grave. Which is more important? I can’t decide.

Outside the arena, we hunted for cheap tix. We kind of found them, although some decided at the last minute they didn’t want the tix already paid for by our hosts Tomas and Lena. I paid the difference as a sort of “don’t whine to me tax.” Fuck it… We are here, Rob Halford is queer, get used to it.

The show was great… Okay, I mean, Whitesnake is like the worst band ever, but Priest had pyrotechnics and shit and played a full range of material, so fuck it.

Tomorrrow, we head towards Vendloo, over 11 hours drive. There, we meet our Brummie Pove, the Merch King, the day after. Tonight, we contend with metal heads on the train. It’s totally verrückt!

Doktor Ross Sewage
The G.O.R.E. Corps Minister of Filth
reporting from field of battle: Europa

3 thoughts on “Esprit de Corpse 4: Wien

  1. That photo of that little dude and Sean made me EL OH EL. Oh, and I amazed that Brett Hoffman is allowed in other countries, I guess they make those house arrest bracelets long range now.

  2. hmm I feel like a wanker now, didnt see you already had 4 blogs on the Eurotour.
    anyway hope to see you guys tomorrow in Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands. please have some big sized shirts left . the beer will be cold and waiting. have a safe trip!!!
    I will be the bloated dutch fruitbat wearing a Ghoul shirt from the Ghoul gig in little devil tilburg, which was a blast !
    cheers again,


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