April 5

The show last night went pretty awesome. Germans are rad. They know how to party right. We got on stage, and the headbanging commenced. A whole row of them. Arms over each other’s shoulders, headbanging like maniacs. It was pretty cool, and a nice break from the ennui and apathy we’d been receiving. Also, this show only had eight days to be promoted, and the guys did a good job. They play in a band called Mynd Crimes, and they’re pretty damn good, too. 

Unfortunately, these guys also told us about the bus we were about to be traveling on, and the driver. Apparently, it breaks down often, they had four days without heat in the winter, and the driver is a fan of she-male porn who smokes joints while driving. He looks like an old, creep, too. 

The disaster for this evening was the trailer. First, the driver, not being Thomas, the bad assed driver we did have, said he could back the trailer out, so we had to turn it around with manpower before we loaded it. So we did that. Then the lock got lost. So Christoph, the vocalist from Mynd Crimes, drove us to four different gas stations, the only thing open in Germany after eight pm. None of them had locks. So my idea was to move the trailer against a wall. We did that with relatively little help, only, my the guys from Poland, and two from Deeds of Flesh. I crashed out hard after laughing hard at some dumb, drunken antics from some other members of the tour trying their damndest, and failing, at scoring. 

At some point in the middle of the night, Jason’s puking seemed to have transfer to Sean and Reno (the drummer in Vile). They looked like complete shit today, but to both their credit, they played. 

Well, we get to the gig the next day in Trier. And the promoter was late. Five hours late. That meant no food for five hours, which is no biggee, other than the WHINING!!!!! This place is cool, some weird youth club. I got to play soccer with some tiny German kids. Two boys and two girls. The two girls, probably about age 10, kept giggling and whispering in German, as if I could understand them. They started to climb a wall and push each other trying to maintain control of the ball, and that’s when Sean and I took our leave, so they’d stop before hurting each other. Apparently, the only word they knew in English was “bye” cause they said it about 1000 times. 

Sean, being sick, handed over song announcing duties to me, but he still turned in a great performance, considering. The crowd was very nice, but again, pretty “polite.” Still, I thought we did well, and I had some fun. Now, I’m showered, talking to some friends I really miss online, and doing pretty okay. Cheers!

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