I probably need to stop blogging

My blog before last… how whiny. Oh well. To wit, more whine… the little Impaled / Engorged / Lord Gore mini-tour was fun, no doubt. The guys in Engorged are the funniest people on the planet, and I got a lot of love and respect for Lord Gore. We played some killer shows in LA and Phoenix. In the Bay Area however… well, death metal just isn’t worth it. That is, not for the 21 and up crowd.

I see no reason for us to be playing around here for adults who just aren’t gonna go see a show we’re playing. No amount of press helps, no amount of flyers… Impaled is playing what we love, and the people who also love it are about 10 years younger than us. If we can play for them, awesome. A good gig with a huge band? I’d consider it. In the meantime… no more headlining 21 and up gigs. Don’t even ask about us doing benefits. If it’s not a solid all-ages package, we’ll pass. I don’t feel like I’m too old for death metal, just too old to not be smart about it.

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